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End Table with Wheels

End Table with Wheels

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Cat Friendly Furniture:
This open cathouse can be used in a variety of furniture styles.
Waterproof resistance to catch
No odor


High strength E0 grade paint-free board, paint-free board has more strength and toughness than solid wood, but also waterproof, no cracking and other characteristics.

Paint-free pre-sticking skin technology
Compared with ordinary paint, it is more environmentally friendly and has strong adhesion. Waterproof and anti-scratch, full color advantage, while protecting children from VOC damage.

The overall design
Simple modeling design, advanced Nordic style. Furniture collocation is more elegant and simple sense, become another bright spot in the home.

Open design
Communication with cats is more direct and intimate, with no separation, and cats can come and go as they please.

Strictly choose the right house
Simple light color: "Simple style, modern minimalism"

Strictly choose the right house
'Retro elegance and character'

Personality dark tone

Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 40cm
Weight: 15 kg
Material: E0 grade paint-free board
Prolonged immersion can seriously affect service life. It is not suitable to be washed for a long time. Sisal hemp has a special taste and can be ventilated and dried if the smell is not good.
(Based on the measurement of the size by hand, there may be slight error, please refer to the actual object prevail)
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The benefits of Cat Friendly Furniture

It's very Romantic to be able to share furniture with cat at home in combination with our living habits and needs with cat.